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-Debate and discussion related to politics and current events is welcome.
You are free to speak your mind, but do not attack other users.
You may challenge one another, but keep it civil! Posting pornography is not permitted.
This is a politics board, not a porn board.-

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New Threads
»» How Nigerian Youths Can Drive Political, Economic Change, By Osinbajo
by (funaifish) 1post & 1view (funaifish)
»» 60 Paraded For Attacking Ebonyi Police Stations, INEC Office, Killing Cops
by (funaifish) 1post & 1view (funaifish)
»» Osinbajo: Those Waiting For Nigeria To Break Will Be Sorely Disappointed
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»» All You Need To Know About Youth Democratic Party (YDPN)
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»» Sowore Got Shot During The #RevolutionNow Protests In Abuja
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»» Only Nigerians Can Save Nigeria
by (inside9ja) 1post & 1view (inside9ja)
»» Nigeria Naira Is Now N500 To $1
by (inside9ja) 1post & 1view (inside9ja)
»» Gov. Wike Said He Would Flog The Hell Out Of Babangida Aliyu
by (uk) 1post & 8views (uk)
»» Reno Omokri Took To His Twitter Handle To Call Out President Buhari And Osinbajo For Not Attending The Funeral Of The Chief Of Army Staff, Ibrahim Attahiru, And Officers Who Perished In A Military Crash On Friday, May 21.
by (funaifish) 2posts & 6views (funaifish)
»» Unconfirmed Report Says Buhari Reportedly Appoints Maj. Gen Haanatu As Acting Chief Of Army Staff
by (9jawahala) 1post & 4views (9jawahala)
»» The Anti-graft Agency Last Week Recovered Over N1 Billion Cash Sitting In One Bank Account From A Civil Servant.
by (9jawahala) 1post & 5views (9jawahala)
»» Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade Officially Defects From PDP To APC In Calabar.
by (9jawahala) 1post & 4views (9jawahala)

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