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New Threads
»» Woman Allegedly Gives Birth To 10 Babies, In World’s First Case Of Decuplets
by (funaifish) 1post & 3views (funaifish)
»» A Man Believed To Have The World’s Largest Family Has Died, Leaving Behind 39 Wives And 94 Children
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Four Brave Women Take On Mount Snowdon Dressed In Nothing But Their Underwear
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Brazil, Serial Kille
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Mexican Fans Banned From Attending World Cup Soccer For Homophobic Chants(PUTO)
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» An Alabama Republican Who Is Trying To Ban Critical Race Theory Was Stumped When Asked To Define It
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Dozens Of Women Sue Pornhub, Alleging It Published Nonconsensual Clips
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» 12 Dead In Alabama Due To Global Warming
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Parents Of Black Child Killed By Peaceful Protesters Sues Atlanta
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Facebook Said It Is Suspending Former President Donald Trump’s Accounts For Two Years Following Its Finding That He Stoked Violence Ahead Of The Deadly Jan. 6 Insurrection.
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» Man ‘who Wanted Son’ Pushes Wife And Two Daughters Into Well In India, Killing 8-year-old Child
by (funaifish) 1post & 2views (funaifish)
»» TikTok Gave Itself Permission To Collect Biometric Data On US Users, Faceprints And Voiceprints
by (funaifish) 1post & 1view (funaifish)
»» China State Media Says Country Must Prepare For Nuclear War After
by (funaifish) 1post & 1view (funaifish)
»» Biden Celebrates National Racism Day
by (funaifish) 1post & 1view (funaifish)
»» Fiorentina Appoint Gennaro Gattuso As Their New Manager Just Two Days After He Was Sacked By Napoli
by (inside9ja) 1post & 3views (inside9ja)
»» Trump Launches His Own Communication Platform Months After Indefinite Bans From Facebook And Twitter
by (inside9ja) 1post & 8views (inside9ja)
»» WATCH: Biden Says Anyone Making Less Than $400,000 A Year ‘Will Not Pay A Single Penny In Taxes’
by (inside9ja) 1post & 9views (inside9ja)
»» SAD! 16- Year Old Girl Left To Die In The Street By A Hit- And- Run Driver
by (9jawahala) 1post & 3views (9jawahala)
»» Chip Roy: We Should Be Killing Terrorists, Not Negotiating With Them
by (olly) 1post & 3views (olly)
»» Coronavirus Vaccine Will Not Be Mandatory --Joe Biden Says
by (olly) 1post & 3views (olly)
»» Israel Bombs CCP AP Media Building
by (moco) 1post & 3views (moco)
»» Indian Woman Killed By Hamas Rocket Fire
by (moco) 1post & 3views (moco)
»» Man ‘raped And Murdered Six-year-old Stepdaughter While Wife Was Giving Birth’
by (moco) 1post & 7views (moco)
»» Bill Gates Had An Affair With A Microsoft Staff, Asked 2 Others Out
by (9jawahala) 1post & 4views (9jawahala)
»» Israel Hits Gaza With Airstrikes As Hamas Increases Rocket Fire Says The New York Times
by (reuben) 1post & 12views (reuben)

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