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*AE- FUNAI PRESIDENTIAL CEREMONIAL MATCH....* by uk   09:04am May-Tue-2021 (said):

There will be a ceremonial match between sociology and criminology
Guess wat the SUG president will be playing 💪🏻💪🏻
These two teams have deemed it necessary to celebrate AGBO IKECHUKWU SOLOMON's victory in the last concluded SUG election with a ceremonial match..
Course mates of each departments are advised to come cheer their players as fans during the match..
Official kickoff will be done by
Special appearances are:
Faculty president and his excos
Departmental Association presidents
Departmental excos
Accademic & non accademic students..
Venue: School field
Time: 4:00 pm..
Date: Friday 28 may 2021
Powered by: SocCrim

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