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Office Of The Sug Vice President Student Union Government

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Office Of The Sug Vice President Student Union Government by funaifish   04:31pm Jun-Tue-2021 (said):


I have observed that the rate of sexual harrasment, abuse and rape is on the increase on our dear campus; which is as a result of the indecent dressing of our female students.
It is on this note that I write to correct the negative impression which indecent dressing has brought in our institution.
Dear ladies, Dressing modestly doesn’t mean you lack confidence, it means you're so confident, you don’t need to reveal your body to the world, rather reveal my mind.
Dressing modestly isn’t looking outdated, it’s respecting yourself…and looking killer at the same time! Clothed In Glory
On this note, students especially the female folks are urged to avoid putting on clothes, and so many others which tends to expose some sensitive parts of the body in or around the school premises as different committees are been set up to checkmate and put a stop to indecent dressing.
Students both male and female are hereby urged to dress decent and save themselves from embarrassment and harrasment.
Dressing good feels good!
Dressing good is top notch!!
Dressing good is a class of excellence!!!

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Office Of The Sug Vice President Student Union Government by Anonymous   07:00pm Dec-Wed-1969 (said):

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