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1. People post what interests them, and the community discusses it.

2. Postorous as the name suggests, the core function of the site is to re discuss the current important topics. So, if you find a discuss worthy news article; you can post it on Postorous and start the discussion.

3. Postorous can be a great resource to discover content in the future. The website is relatively new and growing.

4. Warning, do not spam by posting a repetitive story or spamlinks.

5. You must NOT post job enquiries or sales or promotional offers via this page.

6. Other readers have the ability to report non-genuine story, which can result in you being banned from the site.

7. Contact us for placing; adverts, press releases and sponsored contents on Postorous website +2349051112375

8. Please be calm when writing to pass the message in your story to other readers clearly

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